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2018: A Year in Review (Part 1: Jan-Jun)

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Ahh 2018. Bloody’ell, what a year you've been. We've had such a busy, very educational and incredibly interesting year here at The Bee Vive so I thought I'd put it in review for you and share some of our learnings.
Now, I know the modern reader has a shorter attention span than a MP at a Brexit negotiation table so I've split the year in two halves (if you enjoy the first half, stay tuned for the second next week) each containing a short, bitesize (promise) overview of each month. So if you're mildly interested in what it's like here at Vive, sit back, get a Vive bar (or nearest alternative) and enjoy the journey because we sure did!


In between shaking the proverbial post-Christmas blues off and setting ourselves some objectives for the coming 12 months, we actually did some work in January, which anyone who works in consultancy will be shocked to hear. As well as doing lots of sampling with our key gym accounts, we publicly lost our yoga virginity in a church (read about that here) at the amazing Sweat & Sound event. 


To set about reaching aforementioned objectives, we needed an extra pair of hands (or wings as it might be) so we hired our first full-time Queen Bee, Emma. Around Valentine's day, we experienced love at first bite and a real eureka moment when we tried our bars with a thin dark chocolate-coating. Cue some discussions with the excellently insightful Tessa Stuart and the seeds for Vive 2.0 were sewn.



Powder to the People! The realisation that it'd take at least a couple of months (...then 6 months, then pretty much a year) to get the new bars to market meant that our naturally impatient eyes drifted into another territory: protein powders. Alas, we launched our PROTEIN. WITHOUT THE JUNK range, initially with our headline Peanut Butter and Smooth Natural flavours. Again, no sweeteners, sugar or artificial ingredients. Just pure, unadulterated protein. As a famous meerkat would say, simples.


It was a little less April showers and a little more April storm as our new powders and bars were released at VegFest Brighton with a debut that even Wayne Rooney would be proud of (Google Wayne Rooney Man Utd debut if you must). Meanwhile, there was absolutely no time for fooling around as the packaging design for Vive 2.0 started in earnest, led by the great team at Toast Food. Things were slowly shaping up.



Come on, it wouldn't quite be a 2018 year in review without mentioning the B word. Brexit (just when you thought you could escape it, it goes n rears its ugly head). Whilst Harry & Meghan were tying the knot and Theresa was busy trying to negotiate with a bunch of old, stubborn men about some Irish border issue, we lightened the political mood with our THERESAMAY mega deal that rewarded us with a then-record revenue month. (Amusingly, we later found out that Facebook's algorithmic bots had blocked our advertisement as we are not certified for political related sponsored content). Anyway, thanks Theresa if you're reading.


The month we'd all been waiting for (well, me at least) and the start of the World Cup. Alongside our inaugural customer sweepstake and our fun fact series, with Three Lions proudly being played at increasingly regular intervals, we released a new addition the protein powder range, the chocolate flavour. With added flax seed for health benefits, it was a winner from day one. Unlike the Germans then.


So there you have it, the first 6 months of the year at The BeeVive. If you've slightly enjoyed this or it's at least given you something to look like you are working, then make sure to read about what happened from July to December. Featuring, amongst many things, trying to replace a car tyre with Rebecca Adlington at the UKChallenge (above), sending some doughnuts off to sweetly get a few thousand pounds off our new machine and of course, the small matter of our relaunch back in October! Stay tuned. 

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