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2018: A Year in Review, Part 2 (July-December)

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In amidst a heatwave that had us Brits complaining ‘ooh, it’s far too hot for me’ whilst pottering around in their garden, Vive thought it would be a great idea to go running up Welsh mountains for a few days, in the basking sunshine on hardly any sleep (average of about 3.5 hours per night). Well, we’re nothing if not a fitness brand inspired by a challenge or two. We took part in our first ever UKChallenge and our protein bars and powders powered us to a highly respectable 31st out of over 80 teams. It was a great experience and highly recommendable. This despite the mishap that left us (double-Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington included) hopelessly attempting to repair a puncture on an old rental car that, let’s say, had seen better days. What the F?


Despite having lived and travelled around about half of the countries in the world, our intern Emma’s first experience of Wales was enough to make her want to pack it all in and leave the BeeVive. In truth, she was on her way to America to continue with her studies and she passed the intern baton onto Michael, our latest intern. In the meantime, the recipe for our new bars was shaping up very nicely although this would require investing in a new machine so we began scouring the market for that oh-so- popular second hand item, a Vemag 500. Hardly Ebay's most searched-for item.




Having miraculously found such a machine, albeit in the back end of somewhere more westerly than West Ham playing West Brom in the wild west, we set our sights on it. With a negotiation that only Vive could come up (and get away) with and got a few grand off with a deal sweetener of luxury doughnuts. Meanwhile, back at The BeeVive, our new wrappers had arrived like a love letter from your childhood celebrity crush. We were now on the home straight and couldn’t wait to get them out there our Bevivers.


After months of hard work, our really technical NPD specialists (that's really Louis and Ishak) had finally come up with a recipe for the new bars that we were happy with. Armed with some samples, we attended the wonderful food entrepreneurs’ festival, Bread & Jam in early October and astounded by how successful they were. We eagerly set the launch date for the weekend of VegFest at the end of the month and all of a sudden it was all hands on the proverbial deck. We took VegFest by storm! Our Salted Caramel flavour sold out at the end of day 1 and the other two varieties soon followed suit like penguins into a pool. Whilst this was ongoing, our ‘3 bars for 3pounds for 3days’ deal meant that we absolutely smashed our records for online sales. Hashtag worth the wait.


We inadvertently ended up participating in ‘Movember'. Not for any great cause, simply because we were now so busy trying to match supply with our exponentially increasing demand that we barely had time to sleep, let alone shave. With Black Friday also on the horizon, we launched our exclusive premium gift boxes alongside our gift-that-keeps-on-giving initiative. Result? A new Vive online sales record for a day!  


By now, we were also in discussions with a couple of high profile retailers who were keen for a bite of the Vive pie. Regardless of whether this actually comes to fruition this early in our journey, anyone in the industry will tell you that this alone is a really promising sign of approval. The feedback from our customers is unanimously positive and has made the long journey and year of background work all worthwhile. With your help, custom and evangelisation, we’re looking forward to an even bigger, better and exciting 2019!

Happy new year to you all and thank you sincerely for your continued support and custom.

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