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3 Simple Tips to Help You Help Our Planet

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You look after your own health. Great. But do you look after the planet’s health just as much?

As you may well have heard, this week, the IPCC (that’s the International Panel on Climate Change to you and I) published a damning report that about our substantial effect on our planet’s health. This highly indicative report was focused on the actions of both governments and individuals and the collective implications of all of our actions.

Our planet has limited resources including and our considerable actions as a species are slowly taking these necessary resources away, accelerated by the fact that the population is increasing exponentially and currently sits at over 7.4 billion people! But you can make a difference.

We know you desperately want to but don’t have the time to research it all for yourself so we’ve given you a little helping hand with some brief tips to aid you in limiting your carbon footprint and do your bit to preserve this wonderful planet of ours for generations to come.


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Ahhhh, travel. From the quick little pop to the shops in the car to flying to the other side of the world in a behemoth Boeing 747. Travel is one of the largest creators of pollution that there is.

As I’m sure you know, driving isn’t too good for the environment so, our first quick tip is to walk and cycle as much as you can! Not only will this help to reduce the fossil fuel pollution created and released into the atmosphere when driving but it will bring other lovely benefits such as exercise and a chance to experience plenty of fresh air while you still can. This won’t solve all your problems and, we know sometimes you might just need to take the car (that’s fine) but start by swapping one or two journeys a week for a walk or cycle and just see how much healthier you feel.  

A little note on flying. Amidst the excitement and novelty of travelling to an exotic destination, it is easy to overlook the pollutive effects of flying. For instance, did you know that a single flight can produce 3 tons of carbon dioxide per passenger or that a single flight from London to Edinburgh burns as much as 336 car journeys on the same route?

We wouldn’t want you to stop travelling because the world is a beautiful place to be explored, but maybe consider other, more carbon-friendly ways to travel or limit your air-miles each year. 



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An increasing awareness of the significant negative effects that food production (such as cattle grazing) can have on the environment has led to the huge popularity of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets. If this sounds a bit too much for you right now, then it may still be helpful to know that white meat such as chicken and pork are the most carbon-friendly and that you should really avoid lamb! Eating around 1 kilogram of it is the equivalent to driving approximately 90 miles! Baaaffling!  

As many people may be happy to hear, overall, fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts have much lower carbon footprints compared to meat, eggs, and cheese so take this into account when planning your meals, doing your quick evening shop and thinking of what to eat at restaurants.



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Many companies will use tactics along the lines of aiding the fight against global warming to help promote their brands and products. Supporting these companies by using their products and services can help you to improve your carbon footprint! We love to promote these lovely businesses so here are some we recommend to you:

  • Go Lite - An outdoor clothing and equipment producer that actively tries to decrease its carbon footprint as much as possible!
  • Ecosia – Very simply it’s a search engine that plants trees for every time that it is used, which quite frankly is a brilliant idea!
  • Onya – Produces many different reusable products designed to prevent the wasteful nature of many alternatives.
  • CanO Water - A fellow food & drink start-up that is taking on the fight against plastics by providing water in a resealable and reusable can format.


Other general and very simple tips that can help the environment include avoiding the use of plastic bags, making sure you recycle wherever and whenever possible, and minimising the amount of electricity you use every day.

So remember, don’t just look after your own health but that of the planet around you as well so that not only will we improve our planet for us but also help to shape the planet for our children, their children and the many generations to come.


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