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Vive Recipe Series (4/5): Brilliant Brownies

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Vive Recipe Series (4/5): Brilliant Brownies


    If you’re looking for that delicious sweet treat at the end of your day and you've not quite hit your daily protein target because you didn't wake up in time to make your punchy protein porridge, then look no further than these brilliant brownies.

    Topped with a medley of fresh summer fruits for that added natural sweetness (and goodness), they’ll hit your sweet spot in a healthy way and baking them can be a fun way to bond with your kids, partner or even that first Tinder date.

    After all, if they don’t like baking, tasting and sharing their brownies, are they even worth a second date?


    What You’ll Need: 

    90g x Vive Protein Powder (Peanut Butter or Smooth Natural)

    700g x Smooth Peanut Butter 

    30g x Dine Dark Cocoa Powder 

    260g x Fairtrade Bananas 


    All you have to do is preheat the over at 180C, mash the bananas, combine the rest of the ingredients and pop them in the over for 20 minutes (although you may want to check in on them every now and then)!

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