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Cheat This Valentine's Day with Our Three Easy Gift Ideas To Keep Your Love Life A-Vive

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If there’s something that February is known for then it’s Valentine’s Day and as it is fast approaching us, we know that your busy lifestyle can sometimes mean you don’t realise until it's too late. Although we love you (yes, really we do) we don’t want you getting dumped because you forgot about the all important day of romance so cheat on your lover and make it look like you had it planned out all along. 

To save you hectically running back and forth like a guy on Take Me Out who can’t make his mind up, wracking your brain to find that perfect present, we’ve done the hard-work for you and found three Valentine’s gift to invigorate new zest into your love life and make it love at first bite

  1. Recipe Meal Kits

If there’s one thing for certain it’s that your local restaurant is gonna be pretty busy on Valentine’s Day so save yourself from the waiting at the bar, the 1-hour slot you need to be finished by and having your cheeky little kiss watched by a room of strangers.

But hang on, you still want something fun and exciting to get those romantic juices flowing, right? Well, what better way to set the mood than getting your aprons on and your hands dirty together than with a range of recipe-delivery boxes? There are plenty out there, from HelloFresh to Gousto box but our favourite top tips have to be Riverford for its use of wholly organic ingredients and Abel & Cole for those who really want to get their culinary juices flowing and test your cooking skills. Just no arguments about who has to do the washing up, please. One person wash, one person dry.

 2. Flowers or a Favourite Gift Box

Flowers were originally used to send non-verbal messages to people, with each flower representing a different meaning. Nowadays, we use them to show our love or gratitude for someone and there really is nothing more guaranteed to put a smile on her face than a nice, fresh bouquet. We’ve scoured the market for you and these Freedom Red Roses from Waitrose are a sure to set her pulse racing.  

If flowers aren’t quite floating the proverbial boat or you’re looking for something a tad more masculine, then how about this chocolate gift hamper from flower company Interflora filled with delicious chocolate treats such as honeycomb bites, salted caramel buttons and soft fudge. You can who even insert a personalised message to really make it look like you’re prepared and after that, surely they’ll have to share with you.

 3. CheatVive Gift Box

Make it love at first bite with one of our sleek, sophisticated and sturdy gift boxes which were a bigger hit this Christmas than the actual Christmas number 1 (does anyone know what it even was?). Because we love you too, we’ll give you a lovely 25%-off this Valentine’s day (but let’s keep it between us) so you can really woo your loved one without wounding your wallet.

 Whether their second love in life is Vive or you’ve been nagging to get them to eat a little healthier, this gorgeous gift box comes packed with nine scrumptious dark chocolate coated bars and we’ll also handwrite your chosen personalised message on a card in the inside and get free delivery by Valentine’s Day if you order before Wednesday.

Use code: VD25 at checkout for 25% off and most importantly, please don’t forget to mention us in your wedding day speech for saving your Valentine’s Day back in 2019.  

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