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Customer Recipe Series: Peanut Powder Power Bites | Cool vegan protein recipes

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Ran out of Vive bars?

Create your own healthy-on-the-go vegan protein snack!

Baking hot on the heels of our very own Recipe Series last month, a number of our very lovely BeVivers shared photos and recipes with us, showing them using our powders in a number of other ways. As our bellies rumbled and our mouth salivated, looking at your creations, we realised that that's just not fair on everyone else so we decided to share the Vive love with you all! 


follow our customer's cool vegan protein recipes here!

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(credit: @livingmylifeontheveg)

To kick off our Customer Recipe series, we're spreading the love and spreading the protein with a devilishly delicious, on-the-go snack option (for those times you haven't got a Vive bar to hand of course)!

 Our lovely customer Ruth has shared her Peanut Powder Power Bars that give you a protein punch, as well as a perfect snack before or after lunch!

The vegan protein bar recipe:

is minimal and shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes so here's a chance to order one of our sugar and sweetener-free powder (if you haven't already!) and throw together a delicious, healthy and hearty snack for when your last few Vive bars have been sneakily stolen by your housemates/children/parents/dog (Delete as applicable) and you're waiting for your next order of vive vegan protein bars uk to arrive! In the meantime, if you still have your protein powder, you can continue making yourself a delicious vegan protein shake!


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Credit: @rwethx

All You Need To Do with the vive vegan protein and fresh fruits:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius and get started with the 'wet' ingredients so mash the bananas and combine them with the chopped dates, agave syrup and almond milk. Once they're well mixed, slowly add in about 4 scoops of our peanut butter protein powder and the baking powder. This vegan protein bar is almost ready!

What's the next step in this cool vegan recipe? Read on to find out!

The mixture will feel quite doughy when it's ready so when you're at this stage, press the mixture into a lined baking tray and when the oven is hot enough, pop it in for just 15-20 minutes! Let the tray cool down before cutting them into generous portions and enjoy your protein packed peanut pieces (that's what we call alliteration), like our good friend above, Ruth (@rwethx). 

(Psssttt! The last thing you need to do is don't forget to post your picture, tag us and share the Vive love <3)


What You'll Need: 

2 x Ripe Bananas.

Splash x Agave Syrup.

1/4 cup x Chopped Dates.

2/3 cup x Almond Milk.

1 cup x Rolled Oats.

1 tsp Baking Powder.

4 scoops x Vive Peanut Butter Protein Powder. 

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