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How to Make Sure You are Able to Stay Mindful in a Hectic Lifestyle.

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If you don’t have 5 minutes to stop and think each day, then you probably need 10.

This little nugget got us at The BeeVive really thinking. Do we really value the importance of simply thinking? Do YOU take enough time to just simply think every day? Do you struggle to find the time to switch off?

The importance of mental health has been highlighted in many ways over recent years. Today more than ever, our poor brains are bombarded with information, advertising and data every single day. This can adversely affect the mind’s capacity for more creative and positive thinking which then negatively effects us during our busy day-to-day lives.

Here is a little bit of completely free and unsolicited advice to help you with meditation and general mindfulness that can really lead to a more fulfilling, happier and less stressful lifestyle.


Be Active:

One of the key things that you must find yourself is the best method by which you meditate. As strange as it may sound, you don’t have to sit alone in silence at the top of a picturesque mountain to help your brain cope with things going on in life (but this may really help).

There are many ways to help your brain relax. It can often be far more effective and enjoyable to use exercise as a way of relaxing. It is common for runners to feel much calmer and centred after a satisfying run. Your meditation technique simply needs to allow you to think and this can be done in many different scenarios, whether that be: yoga, in the swimming pool or at the gym and, of course, the common method of simply finding a quiet area and sitting with just your thoughts for company.


Make Time:

In a busy schedule its often very hard to find any substantial amount of time to help yourself and it’s not just when you’re able to meditate, but also when it will be the most effective for you.

It has been suggested that a very good time is in the morning, when your brain has relaxed overnight and is slowly re-awakening. This helps to set your mind at ease for the day and prepare yourself for the day ahead. If this is not possible then it is also recommended to try immediately before you sleep. And don't forget to turn that phone off at night!

In lives full of staring at screens, taking a few minutes before bed to close your eyes and think can really help provide a satisfying ending for the day and reflect on anything significant that has happened.

For all you busy 9 to Vivers out there, another option is over the course of your lunch break. This can really help your focus your mind on what you have done and what is to come in the afternoon. It also allows you to deal with anyone that may be getting on your nerves a little in the office… not saying any names of course…(Ishak).

The most important thing really is that you simply give yourself enough time, don’t rush or you won’t be able to truly relax. Maybe try a few different options and see what’s best, even meditate multiple times a day if you feel like you need to!


Things to help you on your journey...

That’s a very good question and its one that many people have attempted to answer effectively for a long time. There are plenty of brilliant books and websites about meditation including detailed techniques and reasons why it’s so great!

If you’re feeling very 21st century, there are a heap load of apps now available that help you guide yourself through the beginning of mindfulness. A fantastic example of this is Headspace. You can try it for free and it will help you concentrate on the best methods for beginners.

Of course, it is important to say that no matter what method you use, true improvement will take time and practice. We can’t promise you’ll be a Tibetan monk of Dalai Lama peacefulness overnight (Rome wasn't built in a day) but every little really does help and brings quick results.

To round off this little mindfulness blog, a simple message; Try your very best to treat your brain right. Let it relax and recover, think and thrive. After all, it’s the reason you’re alive.

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