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Check Out Our Three Easy Smoothie Suggestions

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Having recently expanded the Vive protein powder family to three with the addition of our new chocolate powder, we decided it was about time to get them all together in the kitchen and come up with a tasty smoothie recipe for each flavour.

From our newest kid on the block featuring in a nutty and naturally indulgent chocolatey treat, to a spinach and kale superfood special via a summer berry classic, here are our suggested recipes that have been tried, tested and approved by the Vive tasting panel. 

Nutty & Nice:

With all the attention on the new chocolate powder, like a newborn baby, we didn't want to overlook our best-seller, the Peanut Butter flavour, so we thought we'd combine the two to make a peanut butter chocolate shake. Wow! That's all we can say! If there's a cleaner and tastier combination out there, then we still haven't found it. Follow the instructions above, whizz it in a blender and enjoy! 


Very Berry: 

This refreshingly summery shake can be made using either our Smooth Natural or Peanut Butter flavour protein powders for a light and fruity twist. The summer weather has made for great conditions for British summer berries so make the most of the last few days/weeks (depending on your optimism) of summer and get out and about to pick some fresh berries to use in this super smoothie and you'll get a very berry summer shake with a perfect plant protein punch. 


Lean & Green:

We wouldn't want to forget about our smooth natural flavour that gives you a blank canvas of a complete plant protein profile so you can paint whatever protein picture you wish. We went for a super green and lean shake full of goodness by adding some spinach and kale for that extra health kick of iron, omega-3 fatty acids and a whole host of vitamins, from A to K via C. 

PSSSTTT! Don't forget to tag us (@eatvive on Instagram and Facebook) if you follow any of the above recipes or even better, if you come up with your own recipes suggestions. We'll re-post the best ones that we get and give you a shoutout too!)

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