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Revealed: Our Vive Favourite Food Brands To Look Out For in 2019.

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New year, new me. Whether your new year’s resolution was to do 50 sit-ups a day or your personal vow to go for a run every morning that doesn’t make it past the first frosty morning of January, approximately eighty-vive % (sorry, 85%) don’t make it past February! We like to look a little more long term so we’re bringing you the food brands that we predict will not just make it to the end of the year but that will have an excitingly big 2019 (much like us here at The BeeVive).


BEPPS (Black Eyed Pea Puff Snacks)

I gotta feeling this might be a big year for BEPPS. Before you ask, they’re not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by the actual Black Eyed Peas, but do present an opportunity for us to make a few Black Eyed Pea puns. Where is the love you might ask…well, BEPPS recently secured a nationwide listing with Tesco and are available at both Planet Organic and Whole Foods. I’ve tried their sweet chilli flavour and I just can’t get enough and won’t shut up, just shut up about them. Okay, puns over, promise.  


Ape Snacks

Inspired by Monty the Vive Monkey (not really, but Monty likes to think that), Ape snacks are making a rumble in the food market jungle! With a signature ape branding and bright blue brand colours, the last couple of years have seen Ape grow into a nationwide brand with stockists throughout the UK and deals with most major supermarkets. Last year, they introduced a new, simply delicious coconut bites range as a healthy, nutritious and must-have snack, building on the back of their successful curls and puffs ranges. Keep your eyes peeled and go bananas for ape’s snacks.


CanO Water

Apart from Brexit (promise, no more mention of the B-word), if there is anything that 2018 should be remembered for, it’s for being the year that we fought back on plastic. With the disastrous effects highlighted throughout the media, single-use plastic became public-enemy number one. CanO water are on a mission to reduce the 7.7billion plastic water bottles being bought every year in the UK alone. With a sleek, matt finish, sparkling and still variants and stockists throughout London, they really are the brand built for the conscious millennial consumer.


Pan N Ice  

Okay, we know it’s January and it’s about as cold as that ex you had a bad break-up with and quite probably, ice-cream is the last thing on your shopping list but bear with us here. Pan N Ice are changing the concept of ice cream, making it in front of your eyes and with a range of different, delicious toppings that you can choose yourself. From Ferrero Rocher to Lotus Biscoff and even Gregg’s vegan sausage roll (check out their Instagram page @pan_n_ice), there’s no limit to what you can top your rolls with and in 2018, they launched their first ever vegan option. Now with locations in London, Manchester and Birmingham, if you see them, you need to try them (even if you might wait until the summer, it’ll be worth the wait).


It was at Bread & Jam festival last October that KindaCo first came to our attention. Back then it was just a side-hobby for founder, Ellie, alongside her ‘normal job’ but things were soon to change. Having wowed a panel of judges in a pitch for their expertise and funding, Ellie quickly finished packed her job in and KindaCo and has never looked back since. Making dairy-free cheeses, dips and spreads that quite simply don’t compromise on taste from an east London kitchen (go east London!), we’re excited to see really big things from both founder and brand!


And hopefully... too!

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