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Say HI to the Next Wave of Food Brands: Say HI to Healthy Indulgence

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Oh come on, we know what you’re after. You want healthy, topped off with natural and with a sprinkling of low calorie but you don’t want it to taste like cardboard, be difficult to chew or lack flavour. You want it all. Healthy ingredients and with an indulgent taste. You want Healthy Indulgence.  

If you’ve browsed our Instagram or even any of our marketing paraphernalia (pat yourself on the back if you can spell that one right without looking at it) lately then you may well have seen us use this phrase and asked yourself what exactly this apparent paradox of terms means. Allow us to explain the newest trend in food brands – snacks with a clean ingredient list, multiple health benefits or maybe even both, that don’t compromise on taste.

As long ago back as 2008 (yes, that’s before the aforementioned Instagram even started!), Today’s Dietitian declared that we were entering the age of enlightened indulgent foods, proclaiming that modern customers want to eat gourmet, decadent foods without the guilt. Yet, over ten years later and there are very few brands genuinely hitting that sweet spot between a hedonistic tasty treat and a healthy but relatively hard to eat alternative. While the lines are still blurred, there remains largely two groups of snacks at opposite ends of a healthy-indulgent spectrum.

The low-calorie ice-cream brand, Halo Top is perhaps the best example of a brand bridging this chasm and hitting the healthy indulgence high notes. In fact, so much so that it was recently valued at $2billion and is close to overtaking Ben & Jerry’s to become America’s top-selling ice cream. Our American cousins just love flavour and large portions, only serving to demonstrate how well Halo Top have done in refining the concept and making sure that healthy (in this case, best signalled by low calories) really does taste indulgent.

Now, the number of brands trying to emulate the Halo Top success story and positioning is almost as long a list as the number of articles paying homage to their success. At The BeeVive we preach living happier and healthier lives which is why we worked so hard on our bars to put taste first and foremost whilst keeping our ingredients list clean, all-natural and using ten grams of premium quality, plant protein so you can say HI to Healthy Indulgence and farewell to fake foods.   

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