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ūüźĚBeehind The BeeVive: Life at a London Start-Up ūüźĚ(4): The Art of Negotiation...the Vive Way

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'Ring-ring, ring-ring' the phone at The BeeVive buzzed away and Ishak nervously rushed to answer it. Private number and it rang out before he could get there! Damn it, missed the call! 

A few minutes later, Louis had a confession that it was actually him who rang as a prank and Ishak returned to impatiently waiting for the important call to come in. Suddenly, here it was and our big risk and gamble had paid off. We managed to get a further £3,000 off a machine that we were already getting for half the price of a new one. 

How? Well, let us take you back a couple of days. 

Munching on their lunch one day last week, Ishak and Louis were in animated discussion (this is a common occurrence) about how best to break the deadlock on a negotiation for a new piece of machinery. It was just a joke at first. Something said sarcastically in jest. Ishak had sarcastically suggested writing a handwritten letter to our negotiating partner, the Lord Sugar of the machinery equipment game. We desperately didn't want the equivalent of a 'You're Fired' but at the same time, we wanted to push the price down as low as possible, naturally. A few bites of our jacket potato later, this sarcastic idea gradually began to turn into a legitimate one.

Two hours and two jacket potatoes later, we'd sent off said handwritten letter and played yet another one of our 'young entrepreneurs trying their best to make it in business' cards (we've still got a few left, don't worry).  But the sugar didn't end there, the letter was accompanied with a box of treats which included, but was not limited to, some Vive bars and maybe, just maybe, some sugar coated doughnuts (a smidgen of sweetness goes a long way). We sealed the box, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.  

The very next day, we received a counter-offer by email. However, this is where it gets really interesting...they hadn't actually received the letter and accompanying treats just yet and now the power pendulum was ever so slightly back in our protein-covered hands. What do we do next?

This was when the phone rang for real and we heard the mellifluent sound of our arch negotiator. The letter had been received really well as a unique, different and breath of fresh air not as a weird love-meets-begging letter that we'd feared it may be. What's more, the treats had gone down, well a treat so after an animated discussion and some to-ing and fro-ing on the price, we'd secured our deal and learnt how to negotiate the Vive way. 

The lesson: be bold, be brave, take risks, be honest and be different! 

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