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Sun's Out, Legs Out?! Three Tips To Get Your Bike's Wheels In Motion

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Spring is Here (Finally) So Dust Off Your Bike and Power Those Pedals To Get Your Bike's Wheels in Motion 


Don’t worry, we hear you. We watch the lycra-clad, uber-fit professional cyclists pedal through the beautiful mountains of the French Alps every year and, inspired by the sun, scenery and seamless ease, we promise ourselves that we’ll get cycling a bit more. We make that trip to Halfords, pretend to know our way around a rear derailleur and a 10-speed gear set and before we know it, we’ve splashed out £500 on a new bike, helmet and a lock for all those times you’re going to cycle to your work.

Then, like Chris Froome up a mountain, winter sneaks up on us, the nights get shorter and the rain invites us to leave the bike at home just for one day. Then another. And another. Before we know it, we haven’t used our bike for a few months.



Well now that it’s no longer cold enough for your dad to stick his head out of the door and state boldly “It’s too cold for snow”, the days of 4pm darkness are gone for another year and the ‘Beast From The East’ has finally moved west, so with the nights now getting longer, what better time to dust off that bike of yours and get back on it?


Here’s Our Three Tips To Motivate You to Get Your Wheels In Motion:


  1. No Longer Fret About Counting Calories

Not only is cycling a great all-round sport for all parts of your body and gentle on your joints, it is an easy and pleasant way to burn a few extra hundred calories so you won’t have to calorie count all day. In addition, cycling provides countless other health benefits such as lower stress levels, increased cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Beats the sweaty, overcrowded and energy-sapping tube, right?



  1. ‘I Need Dollar, Dollar, Dollar Is What I Need’

Whether you’ve committed to that sandy summer holiday with your partner, are saving for the ever-popular trip to stroke a sedated tiger in Thailand or just need to finally start saving for that first house, swapping your daily commute for a cycle will probably save you money. Even just the seemingly small amount of £4 daily fuel cost will amount to £960 over a year so you can certainly upgrade that caravan in Cornwall for a villa in Valencia.


  1. Set That Alarm!

There’s nothing worse than rushing around in the morning, panicking about being late for work and then jumping on your bike to ride against the wind in a mad rush because you wanted that extra five minutes in bed so set your alarm just that little bit earlier, enjoy your morning routine and the wind will always feel like it’s going with you. 


If you're inspired to get on your bike but want a little bit of help or advice before you make that trip to Halfords, then please feel free to email: (he doesn't know everything but has been cycling for years and is happy to help)! 

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