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Vive Recipe Series (1/5): Protein Pancakes

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Fresh from our early summer getaway to Mallorca (shout out to all you loyal readers out there, don’t worry you’ll be rewarded in a later life), we’ve squeezed the Spanish sunshine into our luggage and brought it back home to Blighty free of charge. Whilst we’ve been away, our protein powders have been selling like hotcakes, pancakes and well, smoothie ingredients.



Trying our best to get over the holiday blues, we took some time to get all experimental in The BeeVive’s experimental kitchen and have reached out to a few of our favourite food bloggers and are proud to present to you our Vive Recipes Series that you can follow and enjoy using our natural, guilt-free plant protein powders. We’ll be releasing them as part of a series so keep your eyes peeled, your tongues tasty and your mouth watering throughout the month for more inspirational ideas.

To get the proverbial ball rolling, we’re starting with pancakes that pack a knockout plant protein punch. After all, who doesn’t love a pancake?


1) Pancakes That Pack a Punch

We all love a pancake, right? Well, what if instead of being a lifeless flop of egg and milk, your pancake not only tasted great but packed a peanut butter protein punch as well? Introducing peanut butter protein pancakes topped with slices of yummy banana, summer fruit and drizzled in naturally sweet organic honey.



What You’ll Need:

40g x Vive Peanut Protein Powder

5 x Egg Whites

125g x Porridge Oats

100ml x Almond Milk

Handful x Fresh Summer Fruit

Teaspoon x Organic Honey  (or other sweetener)


Simply mix the protein powder, egg whites, oats and almond milk in a mixing bowl, coat a flying pan with cooking spray and get pancaking!


Need a drink to go with your pancakes? Check out our super summery smoothie recipe in part 2 of our recipe series here



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