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Vive Recipe Series (5/5): We all Dream of Protein Ice Cream

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We all Dream of Protein Ice Cream

Another long weekend is upon us (wahooo), so as we say 'see ya, sunny Spring' and 'hellllooo, sexy Summer', to finish off our incredibly popular Recipe Series, we've saved the best 'til last and gone bold and cold with a protein-powered ice-cream recipe. 

Considering this is such a delicious and tasty snack, this recipe is also surprisingly easy to follow yet rarely done so not only can you impress yourself but all of your friends too! 

Credit: @dougs_fitness

All you need to do is blend a couple of scoops of our simple, all-natural protein powder with around half of the almond or oat milk along with the berries. Then blend the other half of the milk bit by bit and any added extras you might want to include.

Simply put this mixture in your freezer overnight (or for an hour if you can't wait that long!), make sure to have a dream about protein ice cream* and you'll wake up with the summer morning sun, full of excitement for your ice cool, fruity summer treat. You can top it off with your favourite fruit or, as @dougs_fitness has done, with some organic dates for that little bit of extra natural sweetness. 

(*dream not included)

What You'll Need: 

30g x of your favourite Vive Protein Powder. 

250g x Natural Frozen Berries. 

150ml x Oat/Almond Milk.


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