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Vive's Summer Trip ft. Bruce Almighty, Kerry Katona and a Bikini-clad Barcelonian.

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After another busy day of production at The BeeVive, Vive is cycling home in the persistent rain. You know, the type that gets you wet and between wondering what type of rain doesn’t get you wet and wanting the summer to hurry the F up, we have a chance meeting that will change the rest of our summer for good in more ways than one!



Hearing the instantly recognisable sound that only an accelerating London bus can make, we brace ourselves for the inevitable splash of a puddle, as not one, but two red human cattle-carriers overtake us only to have to pull in 20m up the road. Cursing the overly noisy engine as we brush murky water off our now muddy leg, we notice a sign from the heavens in a very Bruce Almighty kind of way. Fly to Majorca for just £39 one way, promises the EasyJet advert on the bus (other airlines are available – although I’m not sure for the same kind of price). Oh boy, the power of advertising!



Having unavoidably ridden through every puddle while manically attempting to avoid every seismic pothole and cursed every car that splashed us on our journey home, we’ve taken up EasyJet on their offer. It might only be one way but that’ll do for now and we’ll cross that bridge when it inevitably comes along. For now, we are more than ready to experience the Spanish sand, sun and sangrias without a care in the world. Well, when we say ready, there’s just one thing left to do; lose those few extra pounds that we kept as a layer of precautionary insulation to get through the cold winter months. 

With a Vive-inspired porridge bowl featuring as a staple morning breakfast for at least vive days a week (sorry, five), we instantly cut out the sugar from our morning coffee, resist the lure of the afternoon snack and, despite the typically British topsy-turvy Spring, we’re back on the bike day after rainy day. Although we’ve not quite bought Kerry Katona’s weight-loss DVD, we’re not ashamed to say our sweaty thumb was lured to the ‘Subscribe’ button after almost finishing another one of The Body Coach’s 20-minute workout videos. It’ll all be worth it to get ‘Beach Body Ready’, as the infamous tube advert proclaimed. Oh the power of advertising!



Combining this new military regime with a self-imposed alcohol detox, we convince ourselves that it’ll be more than worth it to stroll down that Majorcan beach with our head held high, our chest puffed out and our t-shirt slung over our sunburnt shoulder. We imagine only having to breathe in slightly as we cross paths with that bikini-clad supermodel from Barcelona before rolling our towel out in the sand, opening our magazine to the ‘How to Build a Brand’ article and noticing the advert on the opposite page: ‘Fly to Ibiza from £34.99 each way’… the power of advertising. Good job we never booked that return flight after all. 

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