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Smooth Natural Flavour Sweetener-Free Protein Powder. 

250g - £15 / 1kg - £25

Completely Natural Ingredients

Complete Amino Profile

Vegan-Friendly & Gluten-Free

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Protein without the junk.

We know you want the protein but don't want the endless list of ingredients you can't pronounce, let alone spell.

That's why we've created the simplest protein powder around with just two ingredients and absolutely nothing artificial.

Powder to the People.

The technical stuff.

Allergens: See ingredients in bold

Brown Rice Protein
Organic Pea Protein

One protein, plenty of possibilities...

Powder to the People.

The power is in your hands. We let you take control of your sugar intake by providing the protein and leaving the rest up to you. Think of it as a sort of blank canvas. 

For a touch of natural sweetness, simply blend with a banana and your favourite milk for a tasty protein smoothie and a natural source of energy.  


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What people say about us.

"I tried this new protein powder from @eatvive for the first time and it is sooo good 🙌🌱🌟 It is the first vegan protein that I have been able to find that only has 3 simple ingredients and doesn't compromise on taste!"


Vegan Food Blogger

"I like this protein powder because it's all natural but it doesn't make your smoothie taste horrible like others do"


Instagram Customer

Frequently asked Questions.

There are so many protein powders out there. Why Vive?!
Why no flavouring?
Will this protein give me an upset stomach?