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Great for your skin, rich in vitamins to boost energy levels, high in amino acids to support muscle growth, improve bone health, strengthen nervous system, high in iron... The list goes on and on…

Pea Protein

Great for muscle maintenance and growth without the side effects that come with other protein sources such as dairy and soy. Pea protein also supports a healthy heart and has been found to lower high blood pressure.

Coconut Nectar

100% raw, super-nutritious coconut sap has been used for generations in the tropics. It’s low GI means slow release of sugars to the bloodstream, resulting in sustained energy rather than short spikes.


Dubbed as the worlds healthiest food, peanuts are every health enthusiasts dream. High in protein which curbs hunger, and alsohigh in healthy fats meaning it’s your hearts best friend.

Sunflower Lecithin

Brain Food. High in phospholipids which the body uses to create, repair and strengthen brain and nerve cells. Additionally, full of antioxidants and linoleic acid, helping to break down excess fats including cholesterol.