We hope you’re all well and that you’re following the advice being put out by the important people. I'm sure you’ve read about a thousand of these statements in the last few weeks, but we’d still like to update you on the changes we’re making and how they might affect you...

All of our staff who are able to work from home are now doing so (fuelled by Vive bars of course), and we’re doing all we can to make this change as smooth as possible.

We really appreciate your understanding and support for our brand and our team in these difficult times. We’re trying our absolute hardest to make sure you all still get the same fantastic products, while keeping our team as safe as we can.


Our hygiene practices have always been (and will continue to be) top notch. All of our staff wear head to toe overalls during production and abide by external certification standards to ensure we have the highest quality of production and safety standards.

We have limited the number of staff in the facility and those who continue to work are travelling to The BeeVive via car rather than public transport. We also maintain social distancing advice while in the office. 


We are continuing to pack up and send out orders on a daily basis using the Royal Mail courier service. Ordinarily, our orders reach customers within 1-2 days of dispatch. However, as there are currently delays within the postal system, we need to allow a little extra time for parcels to arrive. However, please do get in touch if you haven't received your tasty snacks within 10 working days of dispatch - we'd be happy to help track them down!

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused by this but ask that you bear with us during this unprecedented time. 

With love, Team Vive x