At Vive, we're Making Nature Taste Naughty.

In 2015, on his way home from work, our founder Ishak picked up a health bar. It was dry, bland and boring. It left him reaching for water (and a bin!).

The next day, everything changed. Ishak started making his own bars at home... Vive was born, the MOISTEST and MOST INDULGENT bars ever. 

Everyone at work loved them.

Ishak decided to take the plunge. He left his job, hired two pals and decided to go all in on Vive. They bought an old Onion Factory in East London (as you do).

Through grit, Vive spirit (and coffee, Oh yes! lots of coffee) they transformed it into The BeeVive. They would make bars through the night and sell to local stores during the day.

It was all going dandy! Until it it flooded. Water, everywhere. The BeeVive, became The BeeSwamp. The team sat around, genuinely considering packing it all in.
The only thing pulling them through? The wild quest to make Nature Taste Naughty and to get the moistest and most indulgent natural bar to the masses.

So why Vive? Taste it and find out!

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